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How are hydrogen water and alkaline water related? Find out more about the relationship between them here.

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  2. H2? Oh!
  3. Hydrogen Molecule
  4. Alkaline Water by Any Other Name
  5. How to Multi-Task with Alkaline Water

Hydrogen Water and Alkaline Water Are Essentially the Same

The Buzz Surrounding Hydrogen-Rich Water

Quite rightly, there is a buzz around hydrogen and hydrogen-rich water right now. Everyone has been talking about the benefits of hydrogen water to people’s health and well-being.

There have been testimonials of improved quality of life with people who drink water enriched with hydrogen molecules.

So let’s look at the relationship between alkaline water and hydrogen water. Clue: It’s pretty close.

Although to be fair, the title of this blog may contain pretty heavy clues, for any Sherlocks among you.

H2? Oh!

Natures spa | Alkaline Water Is Hydrogen Water
Hydrogen water is worth getting excited about. There are many benefits of drinking hydrogen water.

Studies show that ‘healing springs’ around the world, Japan, Mexico, India and famously, Lourdes in France, are genuinely therapeutic as they contain dissolved hydrogen gas.

These previously mythical ‘fountains of youth’ have emerged as being relevant to modern-day science and the constant quest for ways to improve our long-term health.

Dissolved hydrogen molecules in water serve as powerful antioxidants that aid in detoxification.

Water with more hydrogen molecules may also help with slowing down the body’s aging process, that’s why therapeutic water from natural springs are said to “restore” youth.

It’s amazing to think our forefathers knew about hydrogen water and its benefits before science caught up and gave us the tools to understand why ‘taking the waters’ really does work.

Today, you won’t have to go to far away places to enjoy water with higher hydrogen concentration. By installing a water ionizer, you can get hydrogen water at home, anytime!

Hydrogen Molecule

Hydrogen gas is the chemical formula H2. It’s also the smallest molecule we know about.

Molecular hydrogen is able to diffuse quickly in the body at the cellular level. H2 is free, not bound to any other element, and is therefore available to be absorbed, incorporated, or dissolved.

A 2010 article on molecular hydrogen, published in Free Radical Research stated:

“It is not an overstatement to say that hydrogen’s impact on therapeutic and preventive medicine could be enormous in the future.”

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Alkaline Water by Any Other Name

So let’s look again at that relationship between hydrogen and alkaline water.

Alkaline water is produced by electrolysis, enabling the ‘free’ and available hydrogen gas to dissolve into the water. It is the presence of hydrogen gas which gives alkaline water many of its benefits.

Electrolysis Definition: This process induces a chemical change in a liquid by using electric current.

Research has shown that removing the hydrogen gas in ionized water diminishes the benefits, and perhaps unsurprisingly, adding extra hydrogen gas to the water increased the therapeutic benefits.

h2o | Alkaline Water Is Hydrogen Water

Here’s more science.

Water is H2O – literally two hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom. ‘Ordinary’ water has an equal number of OH- ions (hydroxyl ions) and H+ ions (hydrogen ions).

Alkaline water is water with more OH- ions than H+ ions. In other words, alkaline water has far more oxygen atoms than regular water!

How to Multi-Task with Alkaline Water

So there we are, alkaline water is hydrogen water.

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By the way, are you doing anything else while reading this article?

Drinking a glass of alkaline water? Sewing on a button?

The thing is, it’s a busy life, and I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have a creeping sense of guilt if I’m only doing one thing at a time. If you’re going upstairs, then take that pile of laundry with you; or maybe doing stretches while cleaning your teeth.

Take your foot off the multi-tasking gas for a moment. Drinking Tyent alkaline water means you’re drinking hydrogen water, too.

And that, my friends, is extremely easy, beneficial multi-tasking!


Instead of regular tap water, take a glass of hydrogen-infused water to experience the effects it offers for your health.

Use one of our Tyent ionizers for your daily dose of this alkaline water. We have different models to suit your and your family’s needs!

Have you tried drinking water with more hydrogen molecules than usual? Share its effects on your overall health and well-being in the comments section below.



Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 15, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

Alkaline Water is Hydrogen Water

Alkaline Water Is Hydrogen Water
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4 thoughts on “Alkaline Water Is Hydrogen Water

  1. Hi,
    I am a curious non-scientist and want to be clear. I likely did not follow article very well.

    At the end, did the author mean “… alkaline water has far more ‘oxygen atoms’ than regular water!”… OR, far more ‘hydrogen atoms’ ala the hydrogen infused water produced by HIMs?


    1. Hi Phil,
      Thanks for your comment. I understand how this sentence can be confusing, but let me break it down.

      Neutral water has an equal number of OH-ions (an oxygen and hydrogen atom) and H+ ions (hydrogen ions). This means that a ratio of 2 to 1 (hydrogen to oxygen) is maintained.

      Alkaline solutions contain more hydroxide ions than hydrogen ions.

      Since alkaline water has more OH- ions, this means that the overall ratio changes and it contains more oxygen atoms than ‘regular’ water. Hope this helps you understand it:)

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